Spell Casting – Sigil Magick


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Date: Sunday 3rd September

Venue: The Centre Mind, Body, Spirit, Moto Service Station, Next door to the Travelodge, Gillingham ME8 8PQ

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Inside each of us is the power to change our reality, to changing outcomes and modifying situations quite literally at will. This is the aim of many forms of magick and for thousands of years sorcerers, alchemists and mages have engaged themselves in this task. In this series of workshops, you will learn how to transform your life with magick.

Sigil Magick

One of the powerful ways of achieving this is by the use of a Sigil. A symbol of power that you create to embody your desire, goal or aim. When this sigil is charged by you it gives such power to your intention, adds so much gravity to the laws of attraction and increases the rate of synchronicity to such a degree that it becomes the key to living a magical life.

You will learn about the history and be shown how to create this powerful tool. You will learn how to form your intention wisely, create your sigil in a variety of ways and charge and cast it with an inner power not normally accessible in everyday life. You will learn this by creating a sigil from scratch, from conception to casting. This skill can be used in any and all future situations where you need to draw on the mysticism of symbology and the power of sigils.

Ongoing support

After the workshop, you will be invited to join our secret Facebook group to continue your practice and share your results.

Neoteric Magica

At Neoteric Magica we are proud of our heritage and the mysticism from our own shores. We help others rediscover the legacy which was taken from us many centuries ago. We call what we do 21st Century Magic and on our workshops, we share the history, heritage and the practical application.

Workshop Leader

This full-day Sigil Magick workshop is run by Occultist Kevin Skinner.


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