Past Life Regression Social Gathering (per person)


Minimum of 3 people and maximum of 5

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Hi, it’s Kevin here and I facilitate your Past Life Regression evening. Those of your guests who would like to be regressed to explore a previous incarnation will be given exactly the same treatment as in a one to one session.

How does it work?

Although awareness of this powerful technique has developed greatly in recent years, many people still ask me how it works. What is a past life regression like and what can they expect?

To begin with, let me explain the elements of the method currently used. It is, essentially, achieved by a form of hypnosis. The state I will induce in you is not a deep trance. That is not necessary and actually would not be helpful. The ideal altered state for regression is somewhere between a very deep level of relaxation and a light trance. You will not lose consciousness or become unaware of or unable to react to stimuli in your surroundings. In short, you will not lose control or in any way be handing over control.

What does it feel like?

The state of consciousness you will enter has been likened to a kind of all-embracing, deeply immersive daydream state. Others have described it as being like a “dual consciousness”. As I’ve described above, you do not lose consciousness of your current existence, but rather enter simultaneously into a dream-like state in which you experience the past life.

I will ask you to focus only on your breathing and my voice, and as you do so I will take you back to a previous incarnation, which, incidentally, has already been chosen from many by your unconscious mind. This part of you is immensely powerful and it is this power of the unconscious that enables us to exist outside of the construct of linear time, making past life regression possible.

Once there, I will ask you to answer some simple questions. These are carefully designed not to be leading, so as to avoid distorting your experience, but to prompt you to immerse yourself in the past life and become aware of its detail.

I will also write down notes, in the form of keywords and phrases, from your answers, providing you with a way of triggering your memory later on. You may also like to record the session. That said, people generally report that their memories of the experience are vivid and stay with them.

Host’s Private Page

A hidden page will be created for the evening on this website under the name of the host with date, time and address details (if necessary). A link will be supplied to distribute to guests and payment is made directly to Neoteric Magica. There is no need to worry about or handle cash on the night.



To book email or press the green button below to call (mobile only) or use the contact form. 

I look forward to meeting you and taking you through this fascinating experience.