Introduction to Chaos Magic


2-hour Talk – Introduction to Chaos Magic

The cost of this talk is £10.

Next talk TBC


When it comes to gaining freedom, liberation and self-determination chaos magic is unsurpassed. Similarly, for manifestation, tapping into the power of chaos means you can stop asking for things to happen and start making them happen.

If you are ready to take up the reigns of a genuinely magical life and truly “lead” that life then this highly individual, creative, innovative and constantly groundbreaking path is for you and I’d like to introduce you to it.

From creating a sigil to forming a servitor to carry out your will or invoking any entity you’d care to work with, this is not dabbling in the craft but full-bore sorcery with all the experimentation, excitement and results that entails. You may already know that you have limitless potential. The limitless art of chaos magic is how you realise that potential

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