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We regularly run talks, workshops and training in Essex and Kent.

We do however run them further afield by request.

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PLR Therapist Training

Business Alchemy

People from all walks of life are becoming increasingly keen to learn from a past life and be free of the emotional or spiritual debris it may have left them with. This course will teach you a complete system of past life regression to help your clients release issues such as phobias and lack of confidence as well as give them insight into their spiritual development, relationships and sense of purpose.  Past life regression is a powerful therapy process that is also fascinating. 

The cost of the two-day training course is £150 handouts will be provided but please bring a pen and notepad .

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Sigil Magick Workshop

Sigil Magick Image

In this workshop, you will be shown how to create this powerful tool for yourself to achieve a desire, goal or aim of your choosing. You will know how to form your intention wisely, create your sigil in a variety of ways and charge and cast it with an inner power not normally accessible in everyday life. You will learn this by creating a sigil from scratch, from conception to casting. This skill, then being yours, can be used in any and all future situations where you need to draw on the mysticism of symbology and the power of sigils.

The cost of this full-day workshop is £45 and all materials are supplied.


Spell Casting with Servitors

Spell Casting with Servitors

In this full day workshop you will learn how to create, dedicate, and work with servitors along with how to safely and harmlessly dissolve them when they have completed their task.

Ever thought it would be useful to be in two places at once? To be able to send part of yourself off to get something done while you get on with your life? By creating or evoking a servitor this ability is just the tip of the iceberg of the magical power you can possess.The servitor is a being, created by you, to perform a specific task. Rather like a spell with its own level of consciousness, an entity in its own right, capable of making decisions and handling situations independently to achieve your desired goal or effect for you. The servitor you create may be dedicated to working remotely at any distance to make aetheric changes to help you with a situation. If you are the one who has to travel, a servitor may be left behind to protect your home or even a loved one.

The cost of this full-day workshop is £45 and all materials are supplied.


Introduction to Chaos Magic

When it comes to gaining freedom, liberation and self-determination chaos magic is unsurpassed. Similarly, for manifestation, tapping into the power of chaos means you can stop asking for things to happen and start making them happen. If you are ready to take up the reigns of a genuinely magical life and truly “lead” that life then this highly individual, creative, innovative and constantly groundbreaking path is for you and I'd like to introduce you to it. From creating a sigil to forming a servitor to carry out your will or invoking any entity you'd care to work with, this is not dabbling in the craft but full-bore sorcery with all the experimentation, excitement and results that entails. You may already know that you have limitless potential. The limitless art of chaos magic is how you realise that potential.

The cost of the two-hour talk is £10.


Living Magically Workshop

living magically

This full-day workshop is for anyone who is ready to change their life by changing their mind. The atmosphere is high energy and the learning style is "can do"- including fully interactive group and individual exercises to enable you to practice and prove your newly developed skills. 

You will learn new tools and techniques to think positively, motivate yourself and others, communicate effectively and create actions that make the difference.

The workshops are run at various venues throughout the year and the cost is £48.

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What Our Clients Say

Tarot for Business – Inspired, and inspiring.

Kae combined her amazing coaching skills with business tarot cards to help me connect with my unconscious mind to reveal the answers I needed in planning my new business.
I have both clarity and next steps.
I’ve come away feeling positive, motivated and confident.

I can’t recommend Kae highly enough.


Business Tarot Coaching Helen, London

“Very fun night regression lovely guy would recommend.”

Past Life Regression Evening Paul, Essex

“Having had a hypnotherapy session before and it having no effect, I must admit, I was highly skeptical and not expecting much. But what an experience!!! Not only did it work, but thanks to Kevin’s easy going personality as well as skill, it was a fun and eye-opening evening that I not only plan to repeat in the future but have and would continue to recommend. Thank you x”

Past Life Regression Evening Katie, Essex

“This is amazing. I had the good fortune to have a regression with Kevin. The whole experience was amazing. Kevin has a calm persona and he immediately makes you feel at ease. There is no rush or time limit for the regression if it takes two hours so be it. I highly recommend anyone booking either regression party or private session x”


Past Life Regression Jane Louise, Essex

“Kae’s Tarot card reading was interesting and sensitive. It left me feeling uplifted and positive about my exciting present and illuminated future goals. Fabulous !”

Business Tarot Coaching Silke, Essex

“Kae gave me a fascinating tarot for business reading. It was insightful and powerful, so helpful, inspiring me to keep going on the path I’ve begun. Kae has deep knowledge of the tarot and business which makes a powerful combination. She just shows you the options and you can choose what to take on board. I totally recommend a reading with Kae.”

Business Tarot Coaching Rosemary, Essex

“I can definitely recommend Kae’s (amongst many) skills as a Tarot Reader. She allowed me to go at my own pace and to bring together what she saw in the cards. Excellent.”

Business Tarot Coaching Irene Brankin, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Author

“This woman is amazing!!! I didn’t really think of any issues I needed to concentrate on, i just thought it might be a bit of fun having a tarot reading… Totally underestimating the potential of this process.
I had actually been running in circles and wearing myself out, busy being busy, unsure of a lot of things, even what question I wanted to ask and so Kae did me a “general reading.
The reading along with Kaes wise words made me think and reflect on many things past and present over the following couple of weeks. Particularly what was holding me back and how I could overcome this. I feel like the circles have stopped and I am now moving forward again but now purposefully and successfully on a path of balance and clarity.
I’ve recommend Kae to my friends and i’ve heard from them that her parties are unbelievable. I don’t know how she does it but i’d recommend this to everyone” 

Tarot Reading Clare, Essex

“I loved my reading from Kae, she was spot on and helped me to see the light and a way though a very diffcuilt issue. I only recommend the best which is why I’m giving Kae 5 Stars.”

Tarot Reading Debs, Essex

“I hosted a party and all of the feedback was amazing!! Kae hit the nail on the head with my tarot reading and I highly recommend her to anyone. Such a warm person with a calming aura. I love her xx”

Tarot Party Charlene, Essex

“Kae’s reading has helped me feel confident about myself and my future life. Her thoughtful, authentic and clear interpretation made perfect sense. I am strengthened and resolved to trust my own wisdom and to walk tall in the world.” Barbara, London

Email Tarot Reading Barbara, London

“Thanks Kae for the awesome Tarot reading – you were right in every aspect – just could not see the wood for the trees. Everything you pointed me to was spot on. Now I know where to come to in future.” – Julie, Cape Town

Email Tarot Reading Juile from Cape Town