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What the f**k is going on?

Leading on from my last post, this is the question raised by Fiona Broome’s realisation of the Mandela effect. The fact that large numbers of people, unknown to each other, have shared memories of historical events and artifacts or details of everyday life that never actually were, needs some kind of explanation. Faulty memory doesn’t do it because we are talking about detail and it would be bizarre to think that so many peoples’ memories could be faulty in exactly the same way about exactly the same thing. So. What the f**k is going on?

Something I’ve spoken of quite a bit on this blog is the increasing amount of scientific data and research findings that point to the existence of multiple dimensions. One the most recent theories to be expounded in this area of quantum mechanics is known as “many interacting worlds”. So far, experiments that have shown that parts of our world may be disappearing into and reappearing from parallel worlds have, being quantum in nature, only involved sub atomic particles. However, a proponent of this theory, Professor Howard Wiseman of Griffith University, believes that interaction on a larger scale is not implausible.

This opens up some quite mind boggling possible explanations for the Mandela effect. Is it possible that a fair size part of the population have somehow slipped through to a subtly different parallel world? Perhaps exchanging places with their counterparts in their new world as the universe, or multiverse, observes it’s own laws on maintaining balance. Or could it be that our habitat is far more complex than previously imagined to the extent that we are all perpetually sliding from one parallel world to another, and another, each so subtly different that we haven’t noticed until, with the advent of the internet, larger numbers of people are in a position to compare minute details of their memories.

The other leading theory involves a recent and peculiar preoccupation of some pretty well known people. According to venture capitalist Sam Altman there are currently two tech corporation billionaires investing in research into an idea known as “simulation hypothesis”. Although he declined to name them one highly probable candidate has to be Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors. At a conference in June, Musk stated, “There’s a billion to one chance we’re living in base reality”. It seems he genuinely believes we are indeed living in a simulated universe. This may sound a bit like the basic premise of “The Matrix” and essentially it is. The idea is that we are all living within a virtual reality program created by a superior intelligence. It is postulated that in this scenario these shared inconsistencies in the memories of thousands could be caused by some kind of glitch in the program. However, before we test this hypothesis by going out and finding some bullets to miraculously dodge, let’s look at another theory to remind ourselves this is only one among others.

The large hadron collider has been said to have the capacity to destroy the universe if used wrongly, so tweaking it a bit may not be a problem for the guys at CERN, either deliberately or as a less than catastrophic side effect of using it properly. The LHC was switched on in 2010. Interestingly, this was also the time when people started to notice the Mandela effect. Theories centred around this gargantuan particle collider range from these accidental distortions of reality to ideas involving deliberate acts committed during experiments in trans dimensional time travel. Given the impressively small external footprint of the Tardis I doubt Dr.Who would be entirely impressed by a time machine with an outer circumference of some 27 miles. Nonetheless, these ideas are quite interesting if only as a clue to what primitive time travelers might get up to at work. Are these alterations in the timeline practical jokes? A sort of high IQ but nonetheless fun loving geek equivalent to photocopying your backside at the office party? Seems a tad unlikely since I’m sure the disciplinary consequences for altering the flow of the space time continuum would be a little more harsh than those in place to guard against wasted paper and toner.

Instead, it has been suggested that these proto time lords are making subtle alterations in the timelines of different parallel dimensions to use as markers. A kind of code that can be quickly checked by a traveler to be sure of which timeline / parallel world they’re in.

These seem to be the most coherent ideas that have come into being as possible solutions to the puzzle. To be honest, the possibility that large groups of people could, independently, have precisely the same false memories of such specific detail seems as far fetched as any of them. So, the the question still hangs, deliciously intriguing, in the air. What the f**k is going on?

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