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Welcome to my worlds

For as long as the human race can remember, we have been fascinated by the strange feeling that our world, indeed our universe, is not the only one. That other realms are but a membrane, or a small shift of consciousness away. From things seen out of the corner of the eye to dreams both waking and in sleep. From visions to nightmares, experiences that just don’t seem to “fit” with what we, by consensus, call reality have been explained by notions of these other realms. So in the interest, and it is very interesting, of delving into our latest exploits in response to this nagging feeling that our universe is not alone, welcome to my worlds.

The oldest form of spiritual endeavour is shamanism, and just as it’s cosmology revolves around the world tree, it is itself, the root and still growing trunk of all metaphysical exploration. This, world tree, of the shaman is, among many other things, a way of moving vertically between three worlds. Whilst contemporary thought is that these upper, middle and lower worlds are representative of parts of the human psyche, the unconscious, the conscious and what is now often referred to as the higher self, it’s interesting that in many cultures a membrane must be passed through to move from one realm to another. A membrane is a very physical boundary, and to pass through it is quite a physical sensation. Given that the more we know about the nature of reality, the fainter the divide becomes between what is deemed real and what is seen as imagined, this is an intriguing blurring of the two.

Since the inception of the modern empirical model of science, for any scientist to entertain thoughts of other worlds or a multiverse of realms would, until very recently, have been professional suicide. Indeed, physicist Michio Kaku apparently still groans when reminded of the ridicule to which he was subjected for voicing just such thoughts. Advances in research into the strange phenomena of quantum mechanics have, however, changed all that. In fact, the existence of a multiverse of parallel “universes” seems at the moment to be the most plausible explanation for some of these phenomena.

One particular bit of weirdness that can’t seem to find resolution any other way lies in the behaviour of sub atomic particles. A research group at the Institut Laue-Langevin in France, led by Anatoly Serebrov have been conducting experiments subjecting free neutrons to magnetic fields. They do quite a lot of this sort of thing so they generally know what to expect and what happened wasn’t what they were expecting. Neutrons were disappearing. It seemed that when a neutron was no longer needed as part of an atom, it simply popped out of existence. There’s a lot of very complicated maths to be done before anyone will know for sure but the leading explanation so far is that the neutrons are oscillating between this and another universe. Variations in the behaviour of these particles in relation to the strength of magnetic field applied seems, pending all that maths, to lend weight to this theory.

It also seems to be the case that sub atomic particles can exist in two states. Both as a particle and as a wave. Either they do this by existing in one universe as a wave and another as a particle or they are generally in wave form and only collapse into particles when you look at them, or the material in which they reside. Yes, that is the extent to which we may indeed be creating our own reality instant by instant. Thanks for bearing with me through all the physics stuff which I know is not everyone’s idea of fun but I promise you it’s worth it, because we’re getting to the fun bit now. That bit where we make science, the esoteric and just a little imagination reside in the same room to create our thought provoking playground of a laboratory.

As discussed in a previous post, the pineal gland contains tiny hexagonal calcite crystals that can vibrate and emit light in response to being stimulated by electro magnetic waves. These crystals are also a component in the transduction of sound into electrical impulses. Similarly there reside alongside them retinal molecular structures that play a part in converting light to impulses. Neutrons, and quite possibly other particles, that it seems my be travelling between different worlds can exist in wave form. Can we therefore postulate that via these waves we can, via the pineal gland, perceive, see and hear what is happening in those other realms. If this were so it is in the nature of the workings of our senses that the experiences would be entirely immersive. It would be as if we were there and to all intents and purposes our mind would be. Rather like in a shamanic journey, or an out of body experience. So are the shamanic realms only other aspects of our own psyche or does that part of us actually exist in another universe? Are dreams just from the unconscious or is the dreamtime a place to which we travel by night?

The beauty of these ideas, these possibilities, is that we don’t need establishment funding for vastly expensive equipment to experiment with them, to try them out. We have everything we need on board, built in. Should you choose to begin your own experiments. To conduct your own research. Welcome, to my worlds.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my worlds

  1. I love these Worlds Kevin.. They’re mine too. I’ve been teaching the concept of ‘collapsing the wave’ with consciousness for a while and am finding that only in the last year is there receptiveness to this theory.

    The idea that we have everything we need to create, and prove our own reality is for me truth not theory.

    Ancient traditions that survive millenia, persecution and ridicule, such as shamanism, brought up to date with a ‘modern’ twist are my bread and butter.. but then I’m biased.

    1. Hi Sarah, and thank you for your comment. It’s always great to hear from a fellow wanderer. It is amazing, considering Heisenberg developed the concept of wave function collapse in the late 1920s, that it has only recently gained popularity or, in some circles, acceptability.

      I take a similar view that it is not only entirely legitimate but in fact the responsibility of any practitioner to bring up to date the old traditions. If only because it was part of their essence and a reason for their existence to progress human knowledge and capabilities. Gathering new findings, combining them with intuition and using them with imagination to discover more made these paths dynamic, progressive and endeavors. To freeze them in dogma is to turn them into museum pieces rather than the working, powerful tools for the realisation of human potential they were developed to be. To make them contemporary we need to keep them where they belong, at the leading edge of exploration, discovery and resulting practices. Perhaps, that is, as you say, biased. It is in part, however, our biases that help us create our reality. We just have to make them positive and useful ones 😉

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