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Use the force

use the force

So having explored how we can perceive our own energy and that of other beings in the previous post how can we use this knowledge to beneficial effect? Since this energy is the essence of life in all it’s aspects, working with it can be a phenomenally powerful tool for enhancing and improving our health and life experience in an almost infinite number of ways, so let’s look at a few of the most popular techniques here.

Reiki is without doubt among the most highly developed of physically non invasive methods of energy centred healing and maintenance of well being. According to Usui Mikao, the originator of Reiki as we know it today, the energies at work in this practice are “Rei” a universal energy from above and “Ki”, the life force that we’ve been exploring. These combine in the practitioner and flow through them when they open their selves as a channel, via attunement and the use of symbols. The practitioner then places their hands on the client to transmit this combined, revitalising force. Alternatively, they may send it over a distance using alternative symbols to which they’ve been attuned. As a Reiki Master I can honestly say that the results I have seen in my clients have carried this form of healing past my “open minded skeptic” filters with ease. Thus, I continue to practice Reiki.

The beauty of this technique is that the practitioner is meticulously trained to purely channel the energy and life force that permeates all things. This reaches you in pure form, carrying nothing from the practitioner. Thus, what you receive is fresh, vital and eternal in nature. You have no need to worry about the person administering reiki to you becoming drained or indeed that you might receive any second hand issues from them. Although regarding this second point, any good practitioner will perform regular self healing and cleansing as a part of daily spiritual disciplines.

Reiki can be effective when used for physical, mental or emotional discomfort and will not interfere or conflict with any main stream medical treatment.

Reiki is not only for healing a specific ailment though. It is also a remarkable stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes well being. I know that I benefit enormously from it’s use and have seen similar, great effects in many clients.

Probably one of the most talked about energy systems present in the human body are the chakras. The word, chakra, is derived fron the Sanskrit word for wheel. These energy centres, seven main ones, are perceived as circular, spinning vortices of energy lying along the central line of the body. You may be well aware of all this but did you know you can feel them?

untitled-design3Rub your hands together to wake them up and then choose one of the chakras as depicted in the illustration. Place the palm of one hand over the front of your chosen chakra, about eighteen inches away from your body, and gradually move it closer. When you feel a very soft cushiony resistance or tingling sensation you are touching the outer rim of the energy centre. To feel the other end of the chakra, projecting from the back, it is best to practice on a willing partner. Find a like minded individual and place your palms front and back, at a distance and in the appropriate area for each chakra and see if you can feel the energy there. You may find some are projecting energy further on one side of the body than the other and this may mean they are slightly out of balance and is useful information to help with a balancing meditation or other practices. You may also find that some project further on both sides than others. Again, this can be an indicator of the overall balance of your energy and it can be interesting and useful to see how this may be playing out in areas of your physical, emotional and mental well being. Information is invaluable in maintaining our health and the ability to enjoy our human experience to the full. The life force, as we come to know and understand it, reveals itself as a fantastic source of information and working with it can provide countless ways of acting on this information to enhance every area of our life.

If you’d like to know more, or to book a Reiki treatment, please visit the Reiki page of my site  and use the details on my contact  page to get in touch.

In the meantime, keep playing, keep experimenting and keep enjoying this incredible universe. There is so much out there and it’s all so fascinating and life enhancing.






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    1. Thanks Beccy. I never cease to be amazed by the energy and the energetic structures that underpin our existence. Or by the many ways we can work with them to such powerful effect.

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