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The Great Work

The origins of the strange tablet of gemstone discovered in the time of the pharaohs are unknown and perhaps unknowable. The words inscribed on the surface of the emerald tablet, however, had the power to launch their initiates to a level of spiritual understanding beyond the comprehension of most. They also became the source material for the art and science of alchemy and from them came the alchemical program for spiritual development on which most others are based.

The application of the processes of alchemy in your life cannot fail to bring a transformation that will take your own spiritual growth to the next level. The power of transmutation contained in this ancient formula is as strong today as it was when it was first discovered, thousands of years ago.

There are seven successive procedures that make up the essential alchemical formula for the liberation and transmutation of the spirit from it’s base form into a union with the source, the one mind. Thus bringing the capability to transform, become and create in accordance with will.

The journey through these procedures can be challenging, but brings the rewards of experiencing a new level of inner peace, freedom and self determination, with the highest ethical compass to help you use these new qualities and abilities with love and compassion.

The procedures were usually described metaphorically as material, chemical exercises. These are, however, more powerful than metaphors as they are rather like correspondences, or physical representations of the spiritual transformations that are the true aim of the procedures. As well as maintaining the mystery of alchemy, in keeping with initiatory traditions, they were also aids in demonstrating in a tangible form the more esoteric changes that are made within the being of the initiate. This course, however, parts the veil of cypher and metaphor to reveal and implement the methods of spiritual transformation that are the true aim and achievement of alchemy. In effect you do not simply come to possess the philosopher’s stone, but in essence, you become the philosopher’s stone. Capable of transforming not only your own being, but all that is in your life and environment. This, as an alchemist, is what you will come to know as, “The Great Work”.

The seven alchemical procedures are as follows:

Calcination: The breaking down of the ego and freedom from attachment to material things.

Dissolution: With the distortions of the ego and it’s attachments removed, we can realise our own unique reality, who we truly are.

Separation: The limiting beliefs, assumptions and blocks released from the ego are now removed. The energy that was wasted on them may now be used to drive and accelerate spiritual development and transformation.

Conjunction: A deeper union with and integration of our true selves brings an intuitive state of consciousness. A clarity of thought regarding what needs to be done to achieve lasting enlightenment. Synchronicities begin to occur.

Fermentation: New life flows into the reintegrated self that is the product of conjunction. Bringing profound changes that raise us to a new level of being.

Distillation: Culminating in the third eye, or pineal gland, distillation brings a stronger connection and with it an increased interest in the greater good over self seeking motives. It is thought that an elixir is released by the pineal gland into the blood stream that generates and nourishes the body of light by affecting beneficial physiological and psychological changes.

Coagulation: First sensed as a new and more profound confidence that by being beyond ego, makes it truly redundant. Many experience this as the golden body of light. A permanent vehicle of consciousness that enables the alchemist to exist on all levels of reality, thereby creating and manifesting change. This is the state of being referred to as the philosopher’s stone.

Each of these procedures is a vast subject in itself and the descriptions above have been themselves distilled to their barest essence. Within the course, which commences on the 8th of June they will be expanded upon until they become fully functional techniques enabling you to integrate the processes of alchemy into your own life and conscious spiritual evolution.

Alchemy is a vast and complex subject and the corpus hermeticum contains sufficient material for several life times of study. The objective of this course is to provide you with concise methods by which you can apply the fruits of those thousands of years of channeling, inspiration experimentation.

In this course you will be shown the essential operations of alchemy and how to apply them to your daily life here in the 21st century. This practice will accelerate your spiritual growth to a point where you will no longer need to react to or keep up with the great changes that are happening at this time, but will be in a position to lead them.







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