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So where do you hang out between lives?


For the last couple of days I’ve struggled to keep on top of everything, including writing this blog, because of excruciating pain caused by what turns out to be a couple of infected teeth and a resulting abscess. Of course, being a man, I at least entertained the idea that if I was in this much pain I might be dying. It turns out, however, that this might not even be possible. At all. Ever.

Of course, the very idea of past life regression presupposes the existence of reincarnation. As a result, not surprisingly, I’ve spent some time contemplating this concept and it’s associated cosmology. One of the questions that has often arisen for me is, so where do we hang out between lives?

Take a look at a couple of observations made by quantum physicists and throw in a principle from Newtonian physics, just to keep it real, and one possible, rather interesting answer begins to emerge.

Quantum mechanics has thrown up many anomalies. For instance, when observed closely, particles seem to pop in an out of existence. It’s almost as though they’re here when they’re needed but disappear when they’re needed somewhere else. So where is that somewhere else? So far, the only theory that seems to work out mathematically is that there are in fact many universes. A multiverse of parallel worlds. So if this is the case, and things can pass between them,….. see where I’m going with this?

One man who can, and in fact appears to have got there first (don’t you hate it when that happens?) is Dr. Robert Lanza. In his book entitled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe” Dr. Lanza points out that the universe is so finely tuned to support life in it’s properties and constants, it appears that it must exist for that purpose. To have been brought into being for a purpose, suggest that intelligence, consciousness, came first and was followed by the universe as a vehicle for physical life. Considering how we’ve already seen how much of our reality is the result of our thoughts or perception, that doesn’t seem so far out.

According to Dr. Lanza’s theory, consciousness is not generated by or dependent on the body. Intead the body, along with the rest of the material universe, is created by consciousness. If this is true it defies logic to believe that consciousness comes to an end when the body fails.

Although we don’t know too much about the true nature of the stuff of consciousness, we do know that thought at least is made up of electrical impulses. The movement of quantum particles called electrons. It’s therefore fair to postulate that whatever consciousness really is, it’s probably a form of energy. Interesting stuff energy. Without even getting into the wild and untamed territories of quantum mechanics we know from Newton’s first law of thermodynamics, the law of the conservation of energy, that it can be neither created nor destroyed. It just is. Always was and always will be. When we do take into account quantum theory, we also know it can go anywhere. Even, possibly, to a parallel universe.

Energy can of course be reconfigured, changed or transformed, so might there be somewhere we can look for clues as to where the energetic structures that form our consciousness reside and whether they may retain their integrity when one’s mortal coil is shuffled off? Dr. Stuart Hameroff and physicist Sir Roger Penrose believe there is, and they’ve found it. They propose that quantum gravitational effects in the microtubules of brain cells, the centres of quantum processing, give us our experience of consciousness. It is here, that our consciousness resides. The information contained therein is released from the body at death and with it goes our consciousness, with no force exerted upon it to distort or transform it.

So where does it go? Well it is, after all, consciousness, integral to which is free will. Furthermore it is made of energy and is a fundamental part of the fabric of the universe or multiverse so it can go pretty much anywhere it likes. In short, when the time comes for these questions to have an impact on your decision making, The answer may well be in the form of another question. Where would you like to hang out between lives?

8 thoughts on “So where do you hang out between lives?

  1. Very interesting Kevin. When my dad died in the garden of his home I arrived just after the paramedic and I saw him lying there. It was very strange. I was sad obviously but even though he was in familiar surroundings it was like saying goodbye to a shell. I felt very strongly that the essence of him had left and what remained wasn’t really anything to do with him at all.

    It was a very peculiar feeling.

    Dawn xx

    1. Thank you Dawn. It was both intriguing and reassuring to read your comment. I had a very similar experience when my dad died. Although I saw him in the chapel of rest rather than a home setting I still braced myself beforehand as I expected a strong, perhaps overwhelming emotional response. Once there. however, it felt almost as though his body was no longer even relevant. I actually felt much more sadness when remembering him alive,inwardly experiencing who and what I had lost. His physical form had just been a vehicle for that. It’s lovely of you to share your experience and greatly appreciated, thank you.

      Kevin xx

      1. My mom just passed yesterday, and that is precisely how I felt when I saw her empty physical self. That may not my mother, her consciousness was who I love and formed memories with. And is who I miss..

        1. Hi Katie. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It would be arrogant of me to believe that anything said by any of us could do much to alleviate the grief you are feeling at this moment. I only hope, however, that your realisations, as you’ve outlined them here, can grant you knowledge that your mom lives on in so many ways. That she remains close to you in your memories and indeed within you, as a part of you in all that she has passed on to you. In the world that she created for you as you grew up and in the world you create for yourself as she showed you how. May you be surrounded by love and the support of those close to you now and in the times to come. With Peace and Blessings.

      2. This is very interesting, Have you read any work by Michael Newton or Delores Cannon, offer some pretty astonishing insight into life between lives.

        Also this seems relevant to phenomena known as the alive again phenomena I am looking into at present. Where vast numbers of people remember certain people of note passing away, only to find they are very much alive. It would seem that our reality shifts more often than we realise.

        1. Thanks Jared, I’ve read some of those insights into life between lives but the alive again phenomena sound fascinating. I’ll certainly be looking into that. It does seem that the more we learn about the relationship between our perception and the reality that we perceive, the greater the role we appear to play in it’s creation.

  2. Hi Kevin, I work with energy. I’m a modern day Shaman (modern day because, well I use psychology as well) and travel in energy. My experience is that consciousness creates based on the perception of the person. What they have learned to believe they are or should be will be so. What they believe their world looks and feels like will be so. I also find that all manner of parts of a persons consciousness can be in these alternate dimension and parallel universes. I like Dr Brian Cox’s quote “we are the Universe trying to make sense of itself”. Great blog…. Oh, and so glad the pain of your abscess didn’t kill you… LOL!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Your work sounds intriguing. I have explored Shamanism and greatly enjoy journeying. I entirely agree with the principle that we create our reality based on what we believe it should be. As a result of cultural conventions, education and our own strengths, insecurities and a plethora of other filters we place between our senses and our experience. I love that quote too. The idea that consciousness is integral to the universe and it’s journey of self discovery and we are one manifestation of that purpose. Yep. I’m still alive by whatever criteria you wish to apply, LOL

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