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Sigil Magick – The law of attraction on steroids

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Imagine if you could hack your reality as gamers hack the games they play. Changing outcomes and modifying situations quite literally at will. This is, in fact, the aim of many forms of magick and since long before the earliest computers sorcerers, alchemists and mages have engaged themselves in this task. Or as one renowned practitioner once put it, “The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”

History of Sigil Magick

One of the most powerful methods for hacking reality began its development in Neolithic times when humans first began to create and record symbols of power. The result of thousands of years of experimentation, learning and wisdom, this is where sigil magick has its roots.

Developing through rune magick, the Tantric Yantra and countless other expressions, the use of sigils exploded in its complexity and sophistication in medieval times due to the sheer volume of theological references contained within the glyphs of the mages of the Abrahamic religions.

A great example of these elaborate symbols is contained within the work of Dr John Dee, an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I and dedicated scholar of the esoteric. The sigil in the post image below, created by Dr John Dee, is called the Sigillum Dei Aemaeth and was said to allow the initiated to commune with entities of all realms.

Image of John_Dee's_Seal_of_God

Emphasis on manifesting

Nowadays, as with many things, we utilise the power of simplicity, at least by comparison to the complex designs of John Dee and his contemporaries. We also, in line with much of modern esoteric thinking, place more emphasis on manifesting by means of our own intent or will, at least when it comes to sigil magick.

The methods we use today were first developed in the early 20th century by artist and esotericist, Austin Osman Spare, who described sigils as:

“a means of symbolising desire and giving it a form that prevents thought on that particular desire… and allows it free passage to the sub-consciousness.”

As an artist, he brought a wonderful new creative element to sigil design and as an esotericist, he harnessed that creativity to greatly amplify the energy of our intent, the power of our will.

Get the conscious mind out of the way

Sigils gain their unique power by bringing together multiple tools and techniques from a variety of traditions and encapsulating their combined, tried and tested efficacy in one, focused symbol. The very fact that the end product of these techniques is a symbol is in itself significant.

Part of the aim of any work of intent is to get the inhibited and at times self-defeating conscious mind out of the way. In fact, this is essential for any kind of work involving intent, the law of attraction, or magick. The truth is that you simply can’t achieve any of these things with the conscious mind. In fact, it’s behaviour as a kind of psychic censor will prevent any such endeavour from being successful, if it is allowed to.

The good news is, that once engaged, the unconscious mind will keep working away at whatever is your intention. According to C.G.Jung, it doesn’t work in isolation either. If all of our reality is the product of our perception, then, through the collective unconscious, you have an interactive connection to the underlying fabric of that reality.

Symbols are not so readily comprehended or, more importantly, contradicted by the conscious mind but by contrast, are the very language of the unconscious. By creating and working with symbols we are therefore bypassing the conscious mind and directly engaging that part of us that lives and works behind the shallow surface of perceived reality and beyond the realm of the mundane.

Make a statement of intent

This, however, is only a part of the elegant beauty of sigils, for contained within them is a carefully crafted statement of intent. A will to manifestation that has been thought through, subjected to a process of reduction and purification and transformed into a magical object by means of a process that is almost alchemical in nature.

When such a creation is then cast by its creator, by building and then releasing a charge of energy into the sigil, by one of a number of methods, what results is a formidable tool for the focus and projection of intent into manifestation.

Live a magical life

One of the qualities of sigil work that makes it so appealing is its ability to transcend the variations between different spiritual paths, traditions or beliefs. Whatever your path and however far you have come along it, the sigil can provide you with the means to enhance your development in both the spiritual and the material aspects of your life. In fact, it can greatly assist in dissolving that illusion of duality and re-integrate these two aspects of your being. With the result that instead of living a life in which you practice spirituality and perhaps magick, you can live a magical life as a spirit enjoying a human incarnation.

Sigil Magick Workshops

I hold regular workshops where you can experience working with sigils hands on. Details on the next workshop are here: 

Kevin SkinnerKevin has been an explorer of the esoteric, occult and spiritual realms since he was a small boy. From the distant but still resonant roots of Asatru to the closer contemporary Western Esoteric Tradition of Alchemy, Kabbalah, and Hermeticism, often employing these in the practice of Chaos Magic.

As well as creating and running Workshops, Kevin is a practising Past Life Regression Therapist and Reiki Master. 

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