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Know the force

In China it is Chi, in India it is Prana, in Japan it is Ki and to a Druid it Nwyfre. Whatever you call it, it’s essential. In fact it’s the essential life force flowing through the universe and all living beings, including us.

Before I begin to talk about how we can use it I’d like to take a look, at times literally, at how we can perceive this mysterious but beautiful, life giving and consciousness expanding gift. It was the inspiration for the concept of “The force” that features prominently in the Star Wars movies and, strange as it may seem, few have described it better than Obi Wan Kenobi; “It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.” A simplistic explanation, but nonetheless a good starting point for a guy who lived in his bath robe.

In a way that kind of explains why we might think we struggle to perceive it. The fact is we are constantly feeling this living energy, we have never known a time when we did not feel it. For if we did, we would by definition, be dead. The human senses are calibrated to notice change. If something appears that was not there before, we see it. If something touches us that was previously absent, we feel it. Whearas, although it is constantly in our field of view, unless we consciously decide to look at it, we don’t notice our own nose. Unless they are uncomfortable, we are not constantly aware of our clothes touching us for the very reason that they constantly are.

Unless we are unfortunate enough for it to suddenly be absent, we do not notice the life force because there is no sharply contrasting change to register with our senses. There are, however, more subtle changes in it’s ebb and flow. Sometimes we feel less than vibrant, less than fully alive, an indication that our energy is low or ebbing. We simply have to raise our awareness to notice this more subtle change. In the West particularly we have broken the association between how we feel and the condition of the life force within us at that time. Western medicine, based on the principle of reductionism, has told us to believe that how we feel is due entirely to our physical condition. However, our physical condition is likely to be a result of the state of our Chi, Prana, or Nwyfre, whichever word you prefer. We are in fact constantly aware of this life force and how well or poorly it is flowing through us. We’ve simply been told to put the symptoms down to something else. When according to esoteric principles, that something else is in turn a symptom of a neglected issue with the flow of Chi.

So we are in fact constantly feeling the effects of this sacred energy, but can we do more? Can we expand our senses and perception further to experience this fascinating stuff in ways that are novel to most?

It’s time to look at trees again, or at least, very close to them. Try looking at the area close to a tree’s upper branches, against the clear back drop of the sky. You may begin to notice tiny, sparkling particles darting around in all directions close to the living branches. They’re hard to describe so you need to look for them for your self. What distinguishes them is this bright sparkling quality. Distinguish them from what? Well, you may also see what appear to be other particles that are dull and grey or translucent by comparison. These are likely to be be debris from old cells within the vitreous humor of the eye. As well as lacking sparkle they will not be particularly concentrated around a living being and may seem to move with the direction of your gaze. Too many of these “floaters” can be a good reason to get them checked out as they can be indicative of an underlying health condition.

As you are gazing at your chosen tree (nice isn’t it) you might also note a kind of margin following it’s contours. A kind of layer, close to the tree, of paler or brighter air. If you are fortunate enough to see this you are looking at the aura of the tree. Try the same thing looking at your outstretched hand. See if you can see your own aura. After a while you may be able to see this energy field around any living thing.

So, it seems to be possible to see the energy field generated by living beings, the life force, Chi or Prana. Can we perceive this with any of our other senses? Try rubbing your hands together to liven up the energy there. Having woken them up now try holding them about eighteen inches apart. Gradually move them together and feel what happens as they get within a few inches of each other. If you feel a kind of resistance, as if there is something incredibly soft between them, or a tingling, what you are feeling is your own bio energetic field. Your own life force.

Once you start experimenting you’ll find many ways to perceive and be aware of the life force that permeates our universe and flows around and through all things. However, here is one way you may have been doing it for some time. Ever had that feeling that someone is watching you, turned around and discovered that in fact they are? How did you sense that without even knowing they were there? There is an old saying, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” Perhaps by looking at you they were causing this energy to flow your way. Interacting with your own bio magnetic field this might well trigger a feed back loop alerting you to their presence. The point is that at an instinctive level we are using this universal life force to inform us and enhance our awareness of our environment. In my next post I’ll be looking at how we can begin to do this at a conscious level, deliberately, to valuable effect.

In the meantime, experiment, play with this and have fun with it. Please comment with your results and findings too. Sharing our experiences makes for an amazing journey of discovery.


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