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It’s time to come clean

As the new year begins and, having recovered from a variety of over indulgences, we launch ourselves into a new and amazing circuit through the vastness of space around our life giving Sun, this can be a good time to revitalise our surroundings. Clearing our home or work place of old, stale energy to make way for the fresh and vibrant. Yep, it’s time to come clean and provide ourselves with a healthy space in which to unfurl the next stretch of the fabric of life. After all, you don’t want it getting all out of shape as you dump it down over the debris of last years’ mishaps.

Space clearing, or cleansing, is an ancient practice that has been a part of many cultures. Whilst these days it tends to be associated with the far East, like many esoteric practices that we traveled far to discover in the sixties and seventies, we have our own traditions of it here. There are pre-Christian rituals of etheric clearing and protection, many of which involve the placing of herbs in or around specific parts of a building. In some cases items were built into the walls or placed beneath floor boards, all to keep the energy and feel of the place positive and healthy.

The importance of the spiritual health of a space was not lost, however, with the coming of the revealed religions. We all know that the sensor of burning incense that gets swung around in a Church isn’t there as some kind of overly flamboyant air freshener. It’s purpose is to clear the space within the walls of the temple in preparation for sacred ceremony, but somehow this purpose goes unnoticed, becomes almost subliminal. Although it does seem that the desire to place the same importance on the clarity and well being of peoples’ homes and even their work places such as barns, did indeed slip from collective consciousness, perhaps to be dismissed as superstition.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m not really a unicorns and rainbows sort of person and prefer to explore the esoteric, with a view to spiritual understanding and development, in a way that has at least some kind of consistent internal logic. In fact my favorite place to hang out is that bit where the esoteric and the scientific kind of bump into each other and compare similarities in their conclusions, if not their methodology, with that kind of awkwardness reserved for relatives that fell out many years ago and now find themselves in the same waiting room on platform 9 ¾. So what am I doing practicing ancient rituals that have been disregarded as superstition?

The fact is, this is something I do quite a lot. Much of what is termed magic, including the ceremonies and rituals thereof, belongs quite firmly in that place that I love. It is the result of thousands of years of accidental discoveries and trial and error in developing methods and systems for enhancing and harnessing the power of our ability to interact with a universe made entirely of energy. Our minds and indeed our mental, emotional and spiritual selves are, as a part of that universe, made of energy. By focusing all of that energy on manifesting changes in our surroundings we can indeed, “cause change to occur in conformity with Will”, to quote Mr. Crowley. Ritual and ceremony are excellent ways of doing this and even with an explanation of the possible mechanics by which they work, they are none the less magical and uplifting to experience.

Everything around us, including the fabric of our homes and work places, is made of energy. Almost all of an atom consists of nothing but interacting energetic forces. Since we too, are made of energy we inevitably interact with the materials that form the buildings we inhabit and the furniture within them. When we experience a powerful emotion we change the field of our energy which interacts with the energy of our habitat, changing it, leaving it imprinted with whatever we felt or thought. We are constantly causing change to occur in our environment. We’re just doing it accidentally, without a clear will, and the debris of those accidental alterations to the energy of our our home or work place builds up.

In much the same way that an unclean or cluttered environment is not conducive to good health or state of mind, this build up of stale energy is not great to have around. So how can you get rid of it?

Space clearing or cleansing involves a ritual designed to do just that. By creating and performing a clearing ritual we can consciously take control of the energy pervading our home or workspace. Removing that which is unwanted and replacing it, via an accompanying blessing, with a positive, uplifting and radiant new energy is something I’ve done many times with remarkable effect.

The air can feel fresher, the atmosphere lighter and the walls can often seem to become radiant, almost as though emanating an unseen light. No one is absolutely certain of the nature of such phenomena as ghosts, spirits or poltergeist but they certainly either consist of or are the result of forms or patterns of energy. I have also known the more troublesome of these to move on with a respectfully conducted clearing.

On one occasion even difficult humans ceased to be a problem after the ritual. I carried out a clearing for a friend a few years ago because she was trying to sell her house but it didn’t seem to be attracting buyers. The unfortunate aspect of the situation was that she was actually very happy with her home and didn’t particularly wish to part with it. The only reason for her selling was a catalogue of issues with some particularly noisy and troublesome neighbours.

I completed a thorough clearing and a blessing on her home. It went well and changes for the better were noticed, although there didn’t seem to be much wrong with the house itself in the first place, since the issue prompting the sale was, after all in the house next door. Nonetheless, we were hopeful of a positive result in the form of a sale so my friend could move away from the neighbouring problem.

A few days later, I received an excited and amazed message from the friend and client who’s house I’d cleansed and blessed. The neighbours, after staying stubbornly put for some years, had suddenly put their house on the market. They were moving, and taking the problems with them. The outcome was not an assisted retreat, as originally intended, but something infinitely better. The happy owners of the cleansed and blessed house took it off the market and were able to carry on enjoying the home they had never really wanted to leave in the first place.

The kind of work I do, in all it’s aspects, often has unexpected outcomes, but when that is the case, they always seem to exceed expectations in positive results. That’s one of the reasons I love it.

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2 thoughts on “It’s time to come clean

  1. Love a good clear out! Used to always be smudging and incensing but cant have my son in a smoky atmosphere now…oh I miss the lovely smell of the incense.

    1. I agree, Sam. Scents are so evocative in their ability to lift our mood and even our whole being. The tingsha chimes give a beautiful sound though, as do singing bowls of course. I suspect they may even be more effective in altering the vibration of the materials in our environment. Don’t do much to stimulate our powerful sense of smell though. You could always smudge yourself outdoors before coming in to do the clearing. Not quite the same I know, but at least you’d still get to smell the incense.

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