Past Life Regression

Healing the past

People from all walks of life are becoming increasingly keen to learn from a past life and be free of the emotional or spiritual debris it may have left them with. Past life regression is, in fact, the service I’m asked to provide more often than any other at the moment.

I’m not at all surprised by this as not only is it a fascinating and enjoyable experience, but it is also a powerful tool for dealing with a wide range of conditions such as phobias and anxieties.

Furthermore, it can provide immensely useful insight into our spiritual development, relationships and our sense of purpose. We may discover a “soul family”, people we have chosen to share, to varying degrees, several lifetimes with. We may even rediscover gifts, skills and talents that we had in a previous life but had forgotten about, or not had another opportunity to discover in this one. In fact, the list of benefits is not only long, it is always growing. On many occasions now I’ve seen people gain from the experience in ways I’d never imagined.

How does past life regression work?

Although awareness of this powerful technique has developed greatly in recent years, many people still ask me how it works. What is a past life regression like and what can they expect?

To begin with, let me explain the elements of the method currently used. It is, essentially, achieved by a form of hypnosis. The state I will induce in you is not a deep trance. That is not necessary and actually would not be helpful. The ideal altered state for regression is somewhere between a very deep level of relaxation and a light trance. You will not lose consciousness or become unaware of or unable to react to stimuli in your surroundings. In short, you will not lose control or in any way be handing over control.

What does a regression feel like?

The state of consciousness you will enter has been likened to a kind of all-embracing, deeply immersive daydream state. Others have described it as being like a “dual consciousness”. As I’ve described above, you do not lose consciousness of your current existence, but rather enter simultaneously into a dream-like state in which you experience the past life.

I will ask you to focus only on your breathing and my voice, and as you do so I will take you back to a previous incarnation, which, incidentally, has already been chosen from many by your unconscious mind. This part of you is immensely powerful and it is this power of the unconscious that enables us to exist outside of the construct of linear time, making past life regression possible.

Once there, I will ask you to answer some simple questions. These are carefully designed not to be leading, so as to avoid distorting your experience, but to prompt you to immerse yourself in the past life and become aware of its detail. This not only greatly enriches your journey but provides you with valuable information that may be very helpful in dealing with a range of issues as well as being fascinating in itself.

I also write down notes, in the form of keywords and phrases, from your answers, providing you with a way of triggering your memory later on. You may also like to record the session. That said, people generally report that their memories of the experience are vivid and stay with them.

During the regression, I may move you to different times during the lifetime you are exploring. I will do this by asking to speak to you at different ages. This is an incredibly useful addition to the technique as it not only allows us to explore the full length of the life but also enables me to help you navigate through various events therein. For example, if you are undertaking the regression from a place of curiosity rather than for therapeutic reasons, should you begin to experience any trauma I can simply move you to another age. Thus avoiding any discomfort which, if you are not looking for therapeutic gain, would serve no purpose.

As a therapy, however, past life regression can be very powerful. I have seen people released from overwhelming anxieties and phobias simply as a result of the realisation of their original cause in a previous life, without any additional therapy being necessary.

Others have let go of limiting beliefs or disrupted negative behavioural patterns, allowing them to form better and healthier relationships, or improve existing ones. Yet more have discovered that souls they have known in past lives share their lives with them now too. Thus strengthening bonds and deepening understanding with loved ones. The gains to be made seem almost limitless, or at least are as many as there are people making the journey into past life regression.

What will I gain from a past life regression?

Whether your motivation is that wonderful human quality of curiosity or a therapeutic reason, certain benefits are universally granted. The great purpose of the journey of our soul through all its incarnations is that of learning. Through past life regression that learning can be fully internalised and integrated. Bringing a wisdom greater than could be achieved in the years of one life.

A sense of orientation and purpose may also be gained. Anything that makes your understanding of yourself more whole and inclusive of all of yourself, not just in space but in time, is a great aid to development, and past life regression brings this deeper self-knowledge.

The result is that as well as helping you to overcome obstacles, past life regression can greatly accelerate your spiritual development and personal evolution.

At the end of the session, I will bring you gently back to the present time and back into the room. We can then discuss your experience as I am always very happy to answer any questions and help you process the information you have gained so that you may put it to the best use in the here and now. I love doing what I do and it is of the utmost importance to me that you get the greatest possible benefit from it.

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Kevin SkinnerKevin is a Past Life Regression Therapist and Reiki Master. He has been an explorer of the esoteric, occult and spiritual realms since he was a small boy. From the distant but still resonant roots of Asatru to the closer contemporary Western Esoteric Tradition of Alchemy, Kabbalah, and Hermeticism, often employing these in the practice of Chaos Magic.

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