We have produced a range of Gift Certificates for your friends and relatives.

A Telephone Tarot Reading is a great gift for anyone and can take place in almost any country (see country list for landlines/mobiles supported), we will make the call so no phone costs will be incurred by the person receiving the reading. 

A Distance Healing Session can also take place in any location and will be performed by Kevin who is an experienced Reiki Master. Initial contact will be made with the receiver by email to introduce ourselves, find out the focus of the healing and arrange a time for the healing to take place. 

The Face to Face Past Life Regression Session will take place in the comfort of the home of the receiver and locations include a 30-mile radius from either Leigh-on-Sea or Maidstone. 

They will be sent to you as a Printable PDF to the email address provided at Check Out - (if different to the purchaser please add to Additional Information.)

The Gift Certificates can be printed by you and added to a card or emailed on with a personal message to those further afield.  

Telephone Tarot Reading Gift Certificate

This is a great gift for someone who would like to experience a confidential 35-minute Tarot reading by telephone or skype. The reading can be about the year ahead or any other subject from relationships, romance, business, money and career.

We make the call so there will be no phone charges. Applicable to more than 60 international destinations (SEE COUNTRY LIST WITH PHONE TYPES SUPPORTED HERE).

A reading can be booked by the gift receiver by either calling or emailing us on the contact details supplied on the Gift Certificate.

The printable gift certificate with uniques ID code will be sent to the email address that you supply at check-out within 24 hours.

Please remember to check your junk/spam folders if it does not appear in your inbox.


Past Life Regression Gift Certificate

This gift is for one person to experience a one hour Past Life Regression Session in the comfort of their own home, within a 30 mile radius of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex or Maidstone, Kent

Whether the motivation for a PLR session is that wonderful human quality of curiosity or a therapeutic reason, certain benefits are universally granted. It helps to develop full potential, unlock hidden talents, and create more compassion and love for self and others.

After a PLR session, many clients report feeling a greater sense of inner peace, love and self-acceptance when they understand that they have chosen their life circumstances and the lessons that they need to learn.

The printable gift certificate with uniques ID code will be sent to the email address that you supply at check-out within 24 hours.


Distance Healing Session Gift Certificate

This is a gift for a one hour Distance Healing Reiki Session.

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing used worldwide to help people suffering from stress, anxiety and the general effects of everyday life. Through a process traditionally involving ancient symbols and placing hands close to the body, Reiki practitioners can target specific pains and emotional discomforts as and when the receiver requires through the transference of energy.

With this session, there is no need to leave home to receive the benefits of Reiki healing. The Reiki master will tap into your energy, use a distance healing Reiki symbol and perform the session from a distance. Please contact us and a time will be arranged with the Reiki master to get to know you and your needs before starting the healing session.

The printable gift certificate with uniques ID code will be sent to the email address that you supply on check-out within 12 hours.


Some Combined Facts About Us

Occult Study Years
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Tarot Reading Years
Past Life Regression Years

What Our Clients Say

Tarot for Business – Inspired, and inspiring.

Kae combined her amazing coaching skills with business tarot cards to help me connect with my unconscious mind to reveal the answers I needed in planning my new business.
I have both clarity and next steps.
I’ve come away feeling positive, motivated and confident.

I can’t recommend Kae highly enough.


Business Tarot Coaching Helen, London

“Very fun night regression lovely guy would recommend.”

Past Life Regression Evening Paul, Essex

“Having had a hypnotherapy session before and it having no effect, I must admit, I was highly skeptical and not expecting much. But what an experience!!! Not only did it work, but thanks to Kevin’s easy going personality as well as skill, it was a fun and eye-opening evening that I not only plan to repeat in the future but have and would continue to recommend. Thank you x”

Past Life Regression Evening Katie, Essex

“This is amazing. I had the good fortune to have a regression with Kevin. The whole experience was amazing. Kevin has a calm persona and he immediately makes you feel at ease. There is no rush or time limit for the regression if it takes two hours so be it. I highly recommend anyone booking either regression party or private session x”


Past Life Regression Jane Louise, Essex

“Kae’s Tarot card reading was interesting and sensitive. It left me feeling uplifted and positive about my exciting present and illuminated future goals. Fabulous !”

Business Tarot Coaching Silke, Essex

“Kae gave me a fascinating tarot for business reading. It was insightful and powerful, so helpful, inspiring me to keep going on the path I’ve begun. Kae has deep knowledge of the tarot and business which makes a powerful combination. She just shows you the options and you can choose what to take on board. I totally recommend a reading with Kae.”

Business Tarot Coaching Rosemary, Essex

“I can definitely recommend Kae’s (amongst many) skills as a Tarot Reader. She allowed me to go at my own pace and to bring together what she saw in the cards. Excellent.”

Business Tarot Coaching Irene Brankin, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Author

“This woman is amazing!!! I didn’t really think of any issues I needed to concentrate on, i just thought it might be a bit of fun having a tarot reading… Totally underestimating the potential of this process.
I had actually been running in circles and wearing myself out, busy being busy, unsure of a lot of things, even what question I wanted to ask and so Kae did me a “general reading.
The reading along with Kaes wise words made me think and reflect on many things past and present over the following couple of weeks. Particularly what was holding me back and how I could overcome this. I feel like the circles have stopped and I am now moving forward again but now purposefully and successfully on a path of balance and clarity.
I’ve recommend Kae to my friends and i’ve heard from them that her parties are unbelievable. I don’t know how she does it but i’d recommend this to everyone” 

Tarot Reading Clare, Essex

“I loved my reading from Kae, she was spot on and helped me to see the light and a way though a very diffcuilt issue. I only recommend the best which is why I’m giving Kae 5 Stars.”

Tarot Reading Debs, Essex

“I hosted a party and all of the feedback was amazing!! Kae hit the nail on the head with my tarot reading and I highly recommend her to anyone. Such a warm person with a calming aura. I love her xx”

Tarot Party Charlene, Essex

“Kae’s reading has helped me feel confident about myself and my future life. Her thoughtful, authentic and clear interpretation made perfect sense. I am strengthened and resolved to trust my own wisdom and to walk tall in the world.” Barbara, London

Email Tarot Reading Barbara, London

“Thanks Kae for the awesome Tarot reading – you were right in every aspect – just could not see the wood for the trees. Everything you pointed me to was spot on. Now I know where to come to in future.” – Julie, Cape Town

Email Tarot Reading Juile from Cape Town