About Us

We are Kae and Kevin Skinner, working from both Rochford in Essex and Maidstone in Kent. The services we offer are varied and while Kae specialises in Tarot Readings and Coaching, Kevin's specialisation is Past Life Regression and The Occult.

We come together to offer Magical Workshops such as Sigil Magic, Spell Casting, Candle Magic, Chaos Magic, Living a Magical Life and Wise Woman Workshops. We also offer a Past Life Regression Therapist training course.

Kae, The Tarot Coach

Kae has always walked to the beat of a different drummer, a nature lover and seeker of answers she spent her early years exploring various religions and regional spiritual practices and philosophies.

She achieved success in the business world before retraining as a complementary therapist and business coach.

Her deepening relationship with the Tarot began about a decade ago and her thirst for knowledge lead to the study of the Tarot's origins and meanings in a wider context of the esoteric tradition.  She draws upon her full working knowledge of this treasure house of wisdom and her experience as a coach during your reading. 

Although Kae works with her guides and intuition she sees herself as an interpreter of the language of the Tarot and its rich hidden symbolic meanings. She is a Tarot Coach and believes in empowering you with the knowledge and ability to take control and responsibility for your own destiny via the divine guidance that you receive. 


Kevin, The Occultist 

Kevin has been exploring the spiritual realm since he was a small boy, branching off to Eastern philosophies and religions as a teenager before returning to study and experiment with his own spiritual and esoteric inheritance.

He has a vast breadth of knowledge from the distant but still resonant roots of Asatru to the closer contemporary Western Esoteric Tradition of Alchemy, Kabbalah, and Hermeticism.

As well as creating and running our Magical Workshops, Kevin is a practising Past Life Regression Therapist and Reiki Master. 

Read more about Kevin's journey here or  Book a course here